This blog section focuses on website marketing topics. 5 steps to increase traffic to your website and how to balance your SEO with website design.

Fire Up Your Collaborative Spirit In All The Work You Do

fire up your collaborative spirit in all your workWhat Do We Mean To Each Other?

The art of collaboration has its origins built in to being human. Vitalize your ability to join forces, team up, listen and act upon the ideas of others. Share effort. Step back and let someone else lead and then trade places. True collaboration benefits all involved and ripples outward. Identity. Collaboration.

Infuse Your Business Identity With Personal Brand Power

Personal branding paint you into your business paint brushEveryone Starts From Somewhere

It’s hard to start a business and settle into its personality - to grow its character. It’s even harder to commit to and follow through on making it genuine to who you really are and will be as a business and then to continue doing so regularly. No matter the size or stage of development.

How to Reel In The Forces of Serendipity, Schema, Creativity

An Unexpected Triad that Plays A Powerful Role In The Online Environment.

There are powerful forces at play underlying what we notice on the surface of things. Like some gravitational pull or thrust forward to unforeseen events, connections and productive detours, their momentum can be unrelenting.

Serendipity: Optimize Your Odds For It

optimize for serendipityPlan For Randomness.

Have we forgotten to really pay attention to this mind-bending, life and work-changing thing that’s one of the ten most difficult English words to translate? Is it loitering on the sidelines taken for granted, surreptitiously nudging us to put our attention elsewhere? To other phenomenon, strategies? How do we safeguard our odds for serendipity?

A Blog Year In Review, Written In 2015

2015 blog compilation Fat Eyes Web Development Gina FiedelA Happy-Year-End Year Review Compilation

Blog articles become like old friends after some time goes by. So here you go. A blog year in review. A pack. A herd. A troop. A gang. A sleuth. A parade. A labor. A chain. A conspiracy. A crash. A streak. A cauldron. Whether it's a list of what we call animal groups or our own bundle of writings...

Practical SEO Basics For Small Business Owners

Visibility & Your Business Website

What website owner doesn’t want their website to be found, seen and used? Most of us count on it. Reaching our best, most targeted potential leads and customers for our products or services is a priority we take very seriously.

Ignite Your Creative Marketing Strategies

The Only Hard & Fast Rules Are The Ones You Make Up For Yourself

You know this. It isn’t a brand spanking fresh idea. But it begs refreshing every so often because of our tendency to let clarity slip away. Revisiting it will be useful if it re-ignites even a sliver of everything you already know and are forgetting to remember. At most, it could catalyze your active reawakening to an online strategy and kick you into action.

When Design & Marketing Still Mean Something

art tools for when design in marketing still means somethingMake It Better Than Good Enough

We’re drenched in opulent marketing [and self-marketing] abundance; seeped in mechanisms, opportunity and easy-ish design methods. The convenience is outstanding, the pitfalls glaring yet often unseen, right under our noses. Even meaning loses stability when the container it’s delivered in hasn’t been carefully constructed and matched with intent.

Harnessing Brand Identity On Your Website

While Targeting Your Ideal Customer

Your website is your virtual anchor, the hub for all your online activities and the very center of your online identity. It’s the place where you have the greatest potential and generous real estate for swiftly communicating your most important asset and distinction: Who you are. Defining and harnessing your brand identity and targeting your ideal customer simultaneously, takes some finesse.

The Slow Web Groovy Or Fast Web Frenzy

Make haste slowly slow web picking up a pearl fat eyes web developmentMake Haste Slowly

The Slow Web Movement has captured my imagination and is ushering me towards an ever-evolving realization. We are free to combine swift efficiency with an aware, measured pace to shape a more worthwhile online experience. One that will encourage actually remembering what it was that we experienced in those moments that tend to go by. Fast.