This blog section focuses on website marketing topics. 5 steps to increase traffic to your website and how to balance your SEO with website design.

Google Places, Local Search & Directories

search, Google local listingsHave You Claimed Your Business For Local Search?

For consumers looking for local businesses to give their business to, local search can make it or break it. The local businesses who capitalize on this opportunity, stand more of a chance of getting their business to the top of the local SERPs and into Google Places and Maps.

WordPress CMS: Why It’s The Optimal Choice

WordPress CMS pillowDo You Hate When This Happens?

We know a lot of you do....waking up at 3am with a great idea for your website or blog and not being able to do anything about it and then trying to get back to sleep with brilliant yet unrealized ideas spinning around inside your head? Enter user friendly, versatile WordPress.

Internal Links: Improve your website’s SEO

Internal linksThe Powerful Role of Internal Links

Internal links are a critical component of on-site SEO. It's important to understand them and how to make them work for you. A solid internal linking structure helps to establish the hierarchy of information on your site and provide a way for your visitors to navigate your website increasing good user experience (avoiding user frustration) and demonstrating value to Google.

Content Marketing for (very) small business. The hurdles and the high jump. Part 2

small business content marketing part 2One of the biggest challenges facing small business owners these days is not only how to create and maintain a viable web presence that is easily searchable, but also how to market their website and keep it vital. You've got your blog. How do you get it noticed? Good ranking requires plenty of quality (remarkable) (sharable) content and having an audience. Marketing your content, getting it seen, commented on and linked back to is a huge part of the job. Content Marketing is critical to acquiring a place in the ranks.

Content Marketing for (very) small business. The hurdles and the high jump. Part 1

small business content marketingWhen you’re flying solo or on a low budget what do you do?

Content marketing is a task that all (very) small businesses hope to do successfully, and truthfully, they need to, but many (perhaps you) don’t know what kind of content to generate and how to go about getting that content out there without a team of writers or content creators.

What Do YOU Have To Say? Create and Promote Your Own Infographics

What do you have to say?Part 2 In Our Short Series About Infographics

In our previous installment we explored the mad science behind infographics. We discussed the lineage of infographics, why they work and described the general approach and process for creating them. Now, it’s time to get down to some of the nitty gritty for you to become the proud mama of your own infographics.

Eyes Wide Open – Fun With Pictures & Words: Infographics Part 1

picture worth 1000 wordsWhy It’s Time to Jump on the Infographic Bandwagon

Have you ever heard of a “Strawberry Fool”? It’s this delightful dessert from the 18th century; a pretty glass filled with whipped cream, strawberries and at the bottom is a “digestive biscuit” (doesn’t that just scream delicious?). But wait, what the heck does any of this have to do with infographics?

A Great “Cheat Sheet” To Ease The Woes of Creating Compelling Content

creating contentHow Do I Do This? ...Writing Blog Posts...

It has been dawning on me that ‘real’ writers have a predetermined process, techniques and tools -that are tried and true. They may have learned tricks in school. These days, they may have picked up all the tips they need online. Or maybe they are just plain smarter than I am.