Blog posts related to SEO. The majority of your website’s traffic comes from search engines, and the majority of your search engine traffic will of course be from Google.

Practical SEO Basics For Small Business Owners

Visibility & Your Business Website

What website owner doesn’t want their website to be found, seen and used? Most of us count on it. Reaching our best, most targeted potential leads and customers for our products or services is a priority we take very seriously.

Content Writing & Your Digital Presence

Your Online Semantic Foundation is Built On & Fortified By The Content You Write

Everything you do online adds to the semantic structure of your digital presence. Luckily, your actions can be purposeful. You can organize and establish trails and tributaries of information to craft the ways in which you will be known online. In other words, you can deliberately construct your digital or online presence.

SEO: Blur the line between life and the web

blur the line between web and real lifeOne Informs The Other

All this talk about the new-(ish) demands of SEO holistic-style and Semantic Search have some of you in a bundle of anxious concerns and doubt. Discomfort prowling about; you’re nervous about doing something wrong and thus damaging your chances at a strong online presence and good rankings. Yet you only stand to gain from following the current recommendations.

There Is No Them: The SEO of Connections & Relationships

seo of relationships connections there is no themWe Are Us [connected]

Connections run deep and wide and this is especially true on the web. Who we are and the actions we take cycle back, re-connect to us in ways beyond what we can easily and humanly perceive. If we do what we do intentionally and consistently it's additive and hopefully effectual.

How Long Does it Take a New Website to Rank in Google Search?

when will my website appear in Google searchWhen Will My Website Appear On Google?

Bottom line, it’s our job as site owners (and that of our development & marketing teams) to make it as easy as possible for Google to find and understand our websites and where they might fit in in the context of the entire web. You can help Google crawl and index your site and to rank sooner and better than you might have otherwise.

SEO Essentials For The Proactive Small Business Owner

SEO essentials for small business ownersTake the Scary, Eek And Ouch Out of It

Today, Search Engine Optimization is different than it used to be. It’s both easier and harder. Easier due to Content Management Systems and Semantic Search affording non-experts a chance to get hands-on experience. Harder because we have a lot to do. You can ensure that the most important foundational aspects of your SEO efforts are healthy.

How Our Social Media Relationships Begin: Identity & Trust

us social media relationships identity and trustCan I Trust You?

It’s important to be trusted. We know that key to being trusted is authenticity and that if we add a dash of transparency and a touch of vulnerability mixed with engagement, generosity and contribution in due course we will most likely gain trust. What allows us to trust others?

Look Under The Hood For An Effective Content Marketing Plan

Focus In To Get It Out (There)

Content Marketing starts with building awareness about identity and the necessity of defining it for marketing. It’s the first step in creating a strategy for creating content. What’s under the hood may inform you about what you want to push up to the foreground, make visible.

Lost Google Rankings Changed Our Strategy & Made It Better

Lost Google rankings changed strategyNever Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste.

This is a story of success even though it was a crisis that almost kicked my butt. Instead, it fed my fierce nature for survival and expanded my horizons like icing on a cake. I hope it will help you to understand the need for shifting your attitude towards SEO and that the New Holistic SEO demands some changes from you.

How Will Google’s Hummingbird Affect Your Search Ranking?

Google Hummingbird algorithmSEO Like You Mean It - And What You Do Better Be True

Google's Hummingbird, a completely new algorithm, was launched on September 26, 2013, Google’s 15th birthday. This is the biggest Google algorithm change in 12 years. Here we go, folks, if you needed it, this is proof that Semantic Search is solidly moving forward.