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The Only Hard & Fast Rules Are The Ones You Make Up For Yourself

You know this. It isn’t a brand spanking fresh idea. But it begs refreshing every so often because of our tendency to let clarity slip away. Revisiting it will be useful if it re-ignites even a sliver of everything you already know and are forgetting to remember. At most, it could catalyze your active reawakening to an online strategy and kick you into action.

Social Behavior: Be Who You Are, Only Nicer?

Social behavior be who you are only nicer? Fat Eyes Web Development blogSugar and Spice, Naughty or Nice, How About Real Instead?

The words “Only Nicer” in the title, could imply that I’m either hinting that you aren’t a nice person or that even if you are generally affable, I might be advocating tempering your social behavior in ways that risk being artificial. But I’m not. Not exactly. How we can mediate our own moods, attitudes, words and actions on social media?

A Case For Humility: Social Media & Business

Humility in social media and business Fat Eyes Web Development blogQuestions Never Hurt Anyone. And Saying “I Don’t Know” Doesn’t Need To Either.

If we are willing to doubt our own position, the world can open up for us. Our tolerance of uncertainty, not knowing, being able to assign greater knowledge to others, admit mistakes and have the ability to remain flexible and receptive when our minds are screaming “But I’m right” all have something in common and that’s humility.

Social Stamina: Sustaining Our Staying Power

social stamina staying power dog running with stick Fat Eyes Web Development blogWhat Keeps You Coming Back For More?

The answer to that will vary depending on the subject but chances are the internal feeling tone will be similar no matter what. For a sweet-tooth it’s a secret recipe for a sinful dessert that never lets you down and the yummy reward of tasting it or serving it to people you love.

Brand Consistency: Your Business Core Values

brand consistency Fat Eyes Web Development blog What makes you WHO YOU ARE? Or even who you THINK you are or who you HOPE TO BE?

When it comes to brand consistency in social media, the opportunity to show up and take part is sometimes overwhelming. We are blasted with possibilities about where, when and how to spend our time and efforts.

Social Presence: What’s Real And What’s Not?

social presence online Fat Eyes Web Development blogAnd Why Are You Here?

It’s not unusual to arrive into the orbit and gravitational pull of social media circumspect and kicking after a long stretch of procrastination. The resistance can be palpable- especially in the case of those feeling coerced onto social for business. Are you on social media due to the pressure?

How To Google Plus …With A Twist

how to use google plus with a twistHere's How You Can Get Started On Google+ And Keep True To Who You Are

As an avid Google Plusser, truthfully, a devoted evangelist, it’s a conspicuous omission that I haven’t offered a simple “How To” guide for the platform on our blog. Enough of our clients and subscribers are curious and asking for guidance that I need to rectify the situation. The beauty of this social media channel is it's all about engaging, building relationships and the pleasure and art of conversation.

Content Marketing: Surviving The Demands

landscape with cairn surviving the demands of content marketingFlexibility In Content Marketing and Social Media Engagement

I’m a juggler and I’ll bet you are too. We have a lot on our plates as small business owners and solopreneurs. Content marketing and related social media are among the most insistent tasks. The endless string of imperatives doesn’t seem to let up. Except, perhaps, for a brief moment or two here and there.

Social Media: Who Are You Becoming?

social media one relationship shaping our futureShaping Our Future One Relationship At A Time.

Some of us are the result of an improvisational recipe of the intuitive brand; fluid works in progress. Use me as an example. I didn’t arrive on this scene Ready-Made: open package, mix, pour into pan and bake. Nope. I'm still perfectly situated on 'bake'. But something is happening. It may be tenuous enough that we need to whisper. Or knock on wood. Cross fingers. No jinxing.

SEO Essentials For The Proactive Small Business Owner

SEO essentials for small business ownersTake the Scary, Eek And Ouch Out of It

Today, Search Engine Optimization is different than it used to be. It’s both easier and harder. Easier due to Content Management Systems and Semantic Search affording non-experts a chance to get hands-on experience. Harder because we have a lot to do. You can ensure that the most important foundational aspects of your SEO efforts are healthy.