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Don’t Lose Sight Of Purpose And The Effect It Has On Creativity And The Web

Fat Eyes web development blog, don't lose sight of purpose light filled forestIt’s easy to lose sight of context. In every project, returning again and again to its underlying purpose, our humanity and creativity keep the soul of our work alive. Insisting that the tasks we’re tackling are bracketed by meaning and the overarching intent of what we’ve set out to do is a vital practice.

Forests and Humans on The Web in Their Pursuit to Thrive

Fat Eyes web development blogThe parallel between the forests we live beside with their interconnected, wildly creative, and resourceful behaviors and the content we’re collectively creating for the web is kind of stunning.

Investigation & Humanity At The Core Of Web Design & Development Projects

Fat Eyes web development blog, hand holding frameI would never suggest devaluing or sidestepping effective marketing practices. They’re proven. Embracing the importance of sharp website organization and content is compulsory. Information leads to making solid choices, decisions and we want as much in our toolbox as possible. And yet, it’s still important to continue to give close attention to certain fundamental questions that might be overlooked.

Fat Eyes Web Development Is 20 Years Strong

company anniversary 20 year celebration fat eyes web developmentWe're celebrating our 20 year company anniversary, Fat Eyes was founded in July, 1998! Things that matter deeply are our hallmarks: Ethos, stability, relationships, respect, trust, listening, teamwork. And of course, great work.

Running A Small Business Is Like Swimming One Stroke At A Time

lake swimmer reach the shore one stroke at a timeLearning to traverse daily hurdles running a small business, the challenges and work is helped by the things we do in everyday life and what we learn in other activities. Unfamiliar concepts, methods, technology require discipline, patience, trust, accepting ordinary risk.

The Practices of Doing Business

be mindful practice of doing business text on photo yoga mat in empty roomOne of the most important things I learned is at the core of any of the practices we do. Any of those intentional things we do on a regular basis with hope that it will support us and our growth. Things that enhance our way to a well-lived life. To have any significant meaning beyond the physical practice it has to be brought into life. Moment by moment. Daily.

Craft Your Home Page Text With Logic And Heart

find your gems for home page text gem stonesReveal your business narrative from the start. Bring it to light on your Home page and it will serve as the messaging foundation for the entire site. Familiarizing your site visitor this way will support the unfolding of the stories you’ll tell throughout, rounding out the narrative with each piece, every detail you include.

Business Identity: Reveal Your Personal Relationship To The Work Your Business Does

let us see you, brand identityEstablish the fullness of your business identity within the environment of your website by presenting a clear sense of how you and your team, as living, breathing individuals with real commitment and purpose. Allow how you feel about the work you do to show.

The Secrets of Process & Creativity In Work & Content Writing

expose creativity secretsBinding Threads That Run Through Simple Work, Process, Creativity and Writing

Creativity and the creative process are recognized as sterling motivators and known to be critical factors in much if not all of the work we do. Yet even though there are theories of how they are understood to function, they’re still rendered somewhat invisible and undefined in many cases.

Fire Up Your Collaborative Spirit In All The Work You Do

fire up your collaborative spirit in all your workWhat Do We Mean To Each Other?

The art of collaboration has its origins built in to being human. Vitalize your ability to join forces, team up, listen and act upon the ideas of others. Share effort. Step back and let someone else lead and then trade places. True collaboration benefits all involved and ripples outward. Identity. Collaboration.