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Business Identity: Reveal Your Personal Relationship To The Work Your Business Does

let us see you, brand identityEstablish the fullness of your business identity within the environment of your website by presenting a clear sense of how you and your team, as living, breathing individuals with real commitment and purpose are an integral part of that identity. Allow how you feel about the work you do to show.

Strike Balance With Your Website Objectives

Through Clear Purpose And Consideration

For a website that’s been thoughtfully planned, there will be meshed and interdependent objectives woven to create a well-purposed, well-functioning whole. It can seem that some website objectives are at odds and small business owners or those charged with overseeing the development and design of a website often grapple with this.

Why Your Website Is An Asset For You & Customers

your website is a business assetIt’s A Matter Of Attitude And Implementation

Your website is the single online property you can own and control. Your most potent piece of real estate when it comes to your online business presence. Your home, base-camp, hub, anchor. Your most direct online chain to supplying your customers with what they need. The one self-owned container you’ve got.

When Design & Marketing Still Mean Something

art tools for when design in marketing still means somethingMake It Better Than Good Enough

We’re drenched in opulent marketing [and self-marketing] abundance; seeped in mechanisms, opportunity and easy-ish design methods. The convenience is outstanding, the pitfalls glaring yet often unseen, right under our noses. Even meaning loses stability when the container it’s delivered in hasn’t been carefully constructed and matched with intent.

Harnessing Brand Identity On Your Website

While Targeting Your Ideal Customer

Your website is your virtual anchor, the hub for all your online activities and the very center of your online identity. It’s the place where you have the greatest potential and generous real estate for swiftly communicating your most important asset and distinction: Who you are. Defining and harnessing your brand identity and targeting your ideal customer simultaneously, takes some finesse.

The Slow Web Groovy Or Fast Web Frenzy

Make haste slowly slow web picking up a pearl fat eyes web developmentMake Haste Slowly

The Slow Web Movement has captured my imagination and is ushering me towards an ever-evolving realization. We are free to combine swift efficiency with an aware, measured pace to shape a more worthwhile online experience. One that will encourage actually remembering what it was that we experienced in those moments that tend to go by. Fast.

Your Website & Online Identity: What Are They Saying?

I'm not talking about the words.

When you start looking in to who you are, everything is bound to change. And if you’re looking because you’re hoping to change, oftentimes, the changes won’t be what you expected. The investigation itself, changes everything. Or it can if you let it. This is a good thing but you may ask why.

Responsive Web Design: Is Your Website Viewable on Mobile?

Google mobile friendly responsive web designHow’s It Look? Can You See It? Can You Use It?

Responsive Web Design. Pass Google's mobile friendly test. And anyway, why would you want your hard won resources and time poured into a new website design if it won’t be viewable on mobile? You wouldn’t.

Strategic Web Design – What Makes it Good?

strategic perfectly designed websitesGood web design isn’t just about look and feel. It’s strategic.

Ironically, with smarter technology and the rising use of mobile and tablets, design has been shrinking, getting more streamlined, simple. Now sites are designed to be assimilated quickly by people on the move and literally moving around with their screens. The screen's relationship to the body has completely changed. It is no longer a fixed object viewed by a seated user.

Your WordPress Choices: Custom Design or Pre-Designed Theme?

WordPress choicesWhat WordPress Choice Is Best For You?

How do you want to present your company online? These are questions that many of our clients face. There is a choice to be made. That’s when we put our heads together to come up with the appropriate solution that solidly matches the needs of your business.