A Blog Year In Review, Written In 2015

A Happy-Year-End Year Review Compilation

2015 blog compilation

I like to go back and revisit the articles I write, read and sit with them, make edits. It’s not like they become strangers to me once they’re published. In fact, they become more like old friends. Even so, there’s a different feel to putting them all together and perceiving them as a group. So here you go. A blog year in review. You’ll find the links to each article written in 2015 below.

A pack. A herd. A troop. A gang. A sleuth. A parade. A labor. A chain. A conspiracy. A crash. A streak. A cauldron.

Whether it’s a list of what we call animal groups or our own bundle of writings……

It’s All About Communication

No matter the angle I look at it from, this group of posts from 2015 is all about communication. Whether the enveloping topics are website objectives, company purpose, conversation, SEO, content writing, design, social media or digital marketing it all still comes down to how to get our ideas across.

Honing our communication skills will help us improve in all areas of how we conduct business, market our business, grow our business. Regard our business. Talk about our business. Even when we don’t think we’re marketing. We always are in one way or another.

One thing I’ve discovered is that what we write seeps into how we speak. There’s a loop of thought. One thing feeding the other in a continuous loop of ideas and communication.

The Year In Review

Strike Balance With Your Website Objectives
The Art Of Conversations For Your Business
Elemental Features Of Your Business
Shake Up Small Changes For Your Business
Practical SEO Basics For Small Business Owners
Content Writing And Your Digital Presence
Ignite Your Creative Marketing Strategies
Accepting It: Emotion In Work And Business
Why Your Website Is An Asset For You and Your Customers
Writing Content Truly From You And For Them
When Design And Marketing Still Mean Something
Harnessing Brand Identity On Your Website
Honesty Culture: Truth In Business
Seeking Your Wily Idea For Writing Content
The Slow Web Groovy Or Fast Web Frenzy
Using Collaboration For Shared Goals
Do You Know Why? Define Your Company Purpose
Collaboration: Joining Two Minds And Spirits
Unleash Your Creativity In Content Writing

How Long Does It Take A New Website To Rank In Google Search?

This last one, is a full on rewrite completed in early September 2015 of a post that was written by a guest blogger for us back in early 2014. I felt the post was no longer relevant for our blog, however it gets traffic from search so it seemed a shame to waste it. I opted for a learning experience instead prompted by David Kutcher. In a Google Analytics session, he and I took a look at the details.

Unfortunately, the traffic was pretty worthless, the bounce rate was high and it wasn’t driving visitors to other pages on our site. David suggested I re-write it and retain the name to see what happens. Time on the page has increased, bounce rates have lowered and click through of internal links have also increased so it’s getting people to explore other parts of our site now.



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