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Accepting It: Emotion in Work And Business

emotions in business. what are you feeling right now?A Prerequisite To Our Existence

Learning how to tolerate our feelings and manage their fallout and the distractions they cause will help us run our businesses more smoothly and successfully. We may just find that our energy swells, enjoyment increases and that productivity and everything in between functions more fluidly.

Why Your Website Is An Asset For You & Customers

your website is a business assetIt’s A Matter Of Attitude And Implementation

Your website is the single online property you can own and control. Your most potent piece of real estate when it comes to your online business presence. Your home, base-camp, hub, anchor. Your most direct online chain to supplying your customers with what they need. The one self-owned container you’ve got.

Honesty Culture: Truth in Business

Honesty culture in business fat eyes web developmentWho Are You? Who Do You Want To Be?

I’ve noticed that we take a lot for granted when we consider our views on core values, especially those we think of as wholesome. I suspect it’s because they appear, on the surface, to be so obvious, so honorable that to talk about them may seem a little dull and as a result, they become neglected and cheap.

Using Collaboration For Shared Goals

It's A Dance We Do Together

Teaming Up. What is it about joining forces that makes it so seductive? It’s the inclusion, the opportunity to learn, expand beyond our current limits, the realization that we can gain strength in numbers; all contribute to its allure. Even if we make the assumption that in some scenarios we’re competing, there is still benefit in collaboration.

Do You Know Why? Define Your Company Purpose

Raison d’être : the thing that is most important to someone or something : the reason for which a person or organization exists.

Our “why” is cajoling us to pay attention to it; wanting to reunite us with our misplaced purpose. It’s begging for our attention. We lose sight sometimes. It can happen to even the most diligent among us: within a business, for companies and organizations and it can happen in our own professional and personal life.

A Case For Humility: Social Media & Business

Humility in social media and business Fat Eyes Web Development blogQuestions Never Hurt Anyone. And Saying “I Don’t Know” Doesn’t Need To Either.

If we are willing to doubt our own position, the world can open up for us. Our tolerance of uncertainty, not knowing, being able to assign greater knowledge to others, admit mistakes and have the ability to remain flexible and receptive when our minds are screaming “But I’m right” all have something in common and that’s humility.

[video] Real Life Real Work: Core Values

talking out loud video about real life and work Fat Eyes Web Development blogCan We Bring The Two Together?

The qualities of life and work can flow naturally into the other if we allow for it. And in my opinion, that makes for a richer personal life as well as a richer work life. I’m interested in a one-and-the-same attitude rather than keeping things forever in segregated categories attitude.

Brand Consistency: Your Business Core Values

brand consistency Fat Eyes Web Development blog What makes you WHO YOU ARE? Or even who you THINK you are or who you HOPE TO BE?

When it comes to brand consistency in social media, the opportunity to show up and take part is sometimes overwhelming. We are blasted with possibilities about where, when and how to spend our time and efforts.

Business Names & Branding: What Is The Story?

business name story Fat Eyes Web Development blogBlended Careers & How That Helped Us Name Our Business.

As web developers, educating clients about what we do comes with the territory and questions are never at a shortage. There is one question that has come up more than any other single question in the history of Fat Eyes Web Development: Client Or Prospective Client: “Where did the name Fat Eyes come from?”

Content Marketing: Surviving The Demands

landscape with cairn surviving the demands of content marketingFlexibility In Content Marketing and Social Media Engagement

I’m a juggler and I’ll bet you are too. We have a lot on our plates as small business owners and solopreneurs. Content marketing and related social media are among the most insistent tasks. The endless string of imperatives doesn’t seem to let up. Except, perhaps, for a brief moment or two here and there.