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Create a strong sense of purpose in your business

find a sense of purposeBlend It With Your Identity And You've Got A Good Thing Going On

When thinking about having a sense of purpose we tend to take stock of what matters to us and look at what hasn’t proven to have lasting importance. We can see where we’ve come from and where we’d like to go. How do we stay on course while uncovering our sense of purpose? What’s the plan? What motivates it? How do we remain true to our purpose once we've defined it?

How Will Google’s Hummingbird Affect Your Search Ranking?

Google Hummingbird algorithmSEO Like You Mean It - And What You Do Better Be True

Google's Hummingbird, a completely new algorithm, was launched on September 26, 2013, Google’s 15th birthday. This is the biggest Google algorithm change in 12 years. Here we go, folks, if you needed it, this is proof that Semantic Search is solidly moving forward.

Google Semantic Search – SEO Techniques From David Amerland

Google: an ANSWER Engine instead of SEARCH Engine.

The evolving semantic web is about answers and so is this book -the answers to our questions about SEO and search (plus a whole lot more). In my ongoing quest to keep abreast of current search issues and SEO I recently read David Amerland's book Google Semantic Search. In the photo above, you can see my enthusiasm and how valuable I found it by the number of post-it markers I used.

Your Website & Online Identity: What Are They Saying?

I'm not talking about the words.

When you start looking in to who you are, everything is bound to change. And if you’re looking because you’re hoping to change, oftentimes, the changes won’t be what you expected. The investigation itself, changes everything. Or it can if you let it. This is a good thing but you may ask why.

Humanity in Social Media – Finding Your Identity

social media identityYOUR WORLD according to YOUR PLACE in it. Find Out Who You Are.

What might amaze you about social media is the level of discovery, exploration, surprise and serendipity that's available. And there’s a relatively straightforward way to uncover the possibilities. It all starts with you.

Play Nice With Others: The Impact of Customer Satisfaction on Your Business

customer satisfaction play nice with othersAre You Losing Customers?

Most people want to trust that someone has their back. This couldn't be more true when it comes to keeping your customers feeling cared about. And with their money and investments of time and effort on the line, your customers deserve it.

6 Things to Look for: Choosing a Web Design Company

choosing a web design companyWhat Are Your Priorities?

There are many factors that will come into play when you are looking for a web services firm to team up with to create or to redesign your website. We’ve spent some time identifying some of the six most important. We hope these points will be helpful to you no matter where you are located and that they contribute to making your decision easier.

Web Design in Our Community, Santa Barbara: Keeping It Local

local is goodThis Is Our Community But It's The People Who Matter

We’ve been privileged to make a contribution to our community with our web design & development services. We've gotten to team up with highly impactful local non-profits and great businesses. And also with awesome clients all across the country and the Atlantic Ocean, but it's particularly meaningful to work with the folks in our own back yard.