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Using Collaboration For Shared Goals

It's A Dance We Do Together

Teaming Up. What is it about joining forces that makes it so seductive? It’s the inclusion, the opportunity to learn, expand beyond our current limits, the realization that we can gain strength in numbers; all contribute to its allure. Even if we make the assumption that in some scenarios we’re competing, there is still benefit in collaboration.

Do You Know Why? Define Your Company Purpose

Raison d’être : the thing that is most important to someone or something : the reason for which a person or organization exists.

Our “why” is cajoling us to pay attention to it; wanting to reunite us with our misplaced purpose. It’s begging for our attention. We lose sight sometimes. It can happen to even the most diligent among us: within a business, for companies and organizations and it can happen in our own professional and personal life.

Collaboration: Joining Two Minds & Spirits

Exploding Ideas

Every so often, we have the privilege to unite our own creative impetus to that of another person's. When that happens, it has the potential to be an explosion of ideas and progressive thinking. Alchemy and magic are given a chance to thrive. The catalysts each provides stimulates a creation that is simply much larger than the sum of its parts.

Unleash Your Creativity In Content Writing

Unleash your creativity in content writing Fat Eyes Web Development blogHow Do We Make Room For Personal Expression?

[We Can] Begin with improvisation and refine structure from there. Creativity isn’t reserved for the end product, it’s an approach to process. A mindset and a willingness to take risks. Each and every time I settle down to begin writing a blog post I feel the anticipation of what might occur. A sense of excitement.

Social Behavior: Be Who You Are, Only Nicer?

Social behavior be who you are only nicer? Fat Eyes Web Development blogSugar and Spice, Naughty or Nice, How About Real Instead?

The words “Only Nicer” in the title, could imply that I’m either hinting that you aren’t a nice person or that even if you are generally affable, I might be advocating tempering your social behavior in ways that risk being artificial. But I’m not. Not exactly. How we can mediate our own moods, attitudes, words and actions on social media?

Uncovering Our Deepest Gratitude

The Ritual For Thanks-Giving.

Each year we gear up for our special day of giving thanks. We gather in groups; traveling to share a meal together with family, friends, holiday orphans and any of those less fortunate we can find to invite in to eat with us at our table. It’s a time that marks our gratitude for another bountiful harvest or life well-lived.

Marrying Story To Purpose: A Perfect Romance

Everyone’s got a narrative up their sleeve. Anything can become a story.

But they are not all created equal in their potency or effectiveness. Nor will just any story told any-which-way enhance the delivery and a solid landing of your marketing message. Which ones are worthy? How will you tell yours in a way that supports the clarity of your message rather than dissipating or distracting from it?

Trailblazing Your Brand Groove

trailblazing your brand groove Fat Eyes Web Development blogImagine a chance to start fresh. Imagine getting to choose where you want to go and how you want to get there.

Imagine this as a path of your own; a unique creation. We generate a path like that for ourselves and for our business through an understanding of our identity and the cultivation of our brand. We focus on examining who we are, what we do and why.

A Case For Humility: Social Media & Business

Humility in social media and business Fat Eyes Web Development blogQuestions Never Hurt Anyone. And Saying “I Don’t Know” Doesn’t Need To Either.

If we are willing to doubt our own position, the world can open up for us. Our tolerance of uncertainty, not knowing, being able to assign greater knowledge to others, admit mistakes and have the ability to remain flexible and receptive when our minds are screaming “But I’m right” all have something in common and that’s humility.

Social Stamina: Sustaining Our Staying Power

social stamina staying power dog running with stick Fat Eyes Web Development blogWhat Keeps You Coming Back For More?

The answer to that will vary depending on the subject but chances are the internal feeling tone will be similar no matter what. For a sweet-tooth it’s a secret recipe for a sinful dessert that never lets you down and the yummy reward of tasting it or serving it to people you love.