Craft Your Home Page Text With Logic And Heart

Create A Tangible Expression of What Your Business Does

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Your Business Narrative & The Foundation For Your Stories

Reveal your business narrative from the start. Bring it to light on your Home page and it will serve as the messaging foundation for the entire site. Familiarizing your site visitor this way will support giving them what they’re looking for right away. It will also support the unfolding of the stories you’ll tell throughout, rounding out the narrative with each piece, every detail you include. Craft what you need to say with concise, succinct, easy-to-understand language to work within the context of today’s web. Shape your Home page text for your customers and as the basis for your identity online.

If you don’t put your attention to crafting and fine tuning your business narrative you run some risks. It may dangle with lack of underdeveloped clarity. It may become a closed-circuit barring open-ended continuing participation from your customers or expressed in some way that is outside of your control. Perhaps even passively through inaction. None of these would work in your favor. Intention or omission. Choose which it will be. Choose to be proactive and direct the communication in the way that will serve best. Give it thought.

Find Your Gems. Your business has a deeper story to tell.

Every business entity or non-profit organization has principles, an essence, a character, a personality that are built-in and built upon over time. Click To Tweet Your principles, essence, character and personality intertwine with business culture and will inspire what the culture will be over time.

It is reflected in these things:

  • Your why and purpose
  • Your core values
  • Your actions
  • The way you operate
  • Your communication-style
  • Your business or organization-style
  • Your interaction with your community
  • Your context
  • How you collaborate
  • What it’s like to do business with you.

What Does It Feel Like?

It’s often something that’s felt without having been verbally captured and articulated. Yet it can be expressed in any number of ways and can be unlocked to share with your current and future customers and clients. It just may take some focused introspection and creative thinking.

When you are writing the text for your Home page, start by defining some of the tangible elements. Breaking it down into parts will make the process (and the eventual reading and digesting) less cumbersome. For you and your readers.

How Do You Describe These Critical Elements? 

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • How you do it
  • Why you do it

These create the basis for the characters, the theme, plot, the adventure. And don’t forget the heart; the emotional component of how you got there in the first place, what drives you and keeps you going.

With your Who, What, How and Why there’s plenty that needs to be said. While you’re saying it, put yourself in the shoes of your customer, see it through their eyes and include them. Invite them to participate in your narrative.

Structure and Sequence. The Narrative of Your Business & Your Customer.

There aren’t any steadfast rules for how you might define and express your business and the ways that you and your customers become the narrative together. How you choose to do that depends on who you are. It’s all about balance. A perfect mixture of your identity with the needs of your customer. Click To TweetThe goal is to communicate that you truly understand the questions and needs of your customers. Demonstrate through your communication that you will fulfill their needs and supply the answers to their questions. And be sure to make clear what you want them to do. What’s the action you’d like them to take?

Relationship and Empathy:

You know who your customers are. You know them and they are beginning to know you. What connects you?

Narrative transportation theory…

…proposes that when people lose themselves in a story, their attitudes and intentions change to reflect that story. The mental state of narrative transportation can explain the persuasive effect of stories on people, who may experience narrative transportation when certain contextual and personal preconditions are met. (Wiki link)

Put The Puzzle Pieces Together

Take the time to explore. Our job, as your web development/design team is to dig into the meat of it with you and then guide and assist in the communication of your conclusions melding visual design with verbal information. Distilling the critical pieces for the Home page is often the most challenging and requires the introspection I’ve described. It’s time well-spent.


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