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[video] Real Life Real Work: Core Values

talking out loud video about real life and work Fat Eyes Web Development blogCan We Bring The Two Together?

The qualities of life and work can flow naturally into the other if we allow for it. And in my opinion, that makes for a richer personal life as well as a richer work life. I’m interested in a one-and-the-same attitude rather than keeping things forever in segregated categories attitude.

[video] Communication Skills And Your Brand

What did I just hear you say? Fat Eyes Web Development blogAn Unexpected Lesson From An Unexpected Teacher.

Actions speak louder than words. It’s true; we can demonstrate our good will, our intentions, our integrity and even our motivations more effectively through our actions rather than just our [loud] words or bravado; promises. If our combined actions and words stemming from awareness are consistent.

[video] How-To Articles: How To Use Them Best

how to but with a twist video Gina Fiedel Fat Eyes Web Development blogWhen All You Want Is To Be Told What To Do and How To Do It

Whenever I land upon what I perceive to be a Golden How-To Article, I imagine that now I've found it, everything will fall into place nice and neat just the way I want it to. I usually ended up feeling that something was missing.

Video Content Marketing: Talking Out Loud

video of talking out loud content marketingOr....Say It To The Camera

There’s evidence of a shared phenomenon and it’s almost as if we’re all waking up at the same time with the same clock in the same time zone to the importance of learning from each other and how interconnected we are. This is a project I’ve been gearing towards for months.

(video)Talking Out Loud: Push Past Obstacles

video of talking out loud content marketingDon't Let Them Stop You

This is the introductory episode one in a new series of videos titled "Talking Out Loud". I am exploring the spoken and the written voice; a challenging shift from hiding behind the keyboard into Video Content Marketing. I've been enjoying writing all the posts on this blog and now it's time to venture forth into new realms of communication.