[video] Communication Skills And Your Brand

An Unexpected Lesson From An Unexpected Teacher

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Actions speak louder than words. So they say. It’s true; we can demonstrate our good will, our intentions, our integrity and even our motivations more effectively through our actions rather than our [loud] words alone or bravado; promises. If our combined actions and words stemming from awareness (the ones that are intentional and not overly loud) are consistent and we manage to supply that winning combination repeatedly, they will, together, be convincing and prove us to be authentic and will then hopefully lead to trust that will create solid relationships over time.

And in today’s world of inbound marketing, everything we do and say is aimed towards providing exactly the thing that’s sought after by the audience we wish to attract. It means being well informed about that sought-after-thing and offering helpful answers and solutions minus the barrage and onslaught of broadcast marketing. It’s our actions that prove we are who we say we are, the content we create that illustrates our expertise and abilities to serve appropriately (and yes, also the words we enclose within that content); it’s the content that will draw our potential customer base to us as an alternative to chasing after them intrusively, buying their attention with outdated advertising methods.

How Are Your Communication Skills?

It’s less effective to talk or act at someone without being sensitive to what they may be hearing, their questions, their needs, vulnerabilities, and danger zones – and their language; their practiced “self-system” of communication. How can we put ourselves in someone else’s shoes? 

Our personal relationships, romantic and family dynamics, work relationships, even our incidental momentary interactions out in the world are all acutely shaped and affected by our ability to communicate.

How can we increase the odds that we are communicating in such a way as to be understood and to be able to hear and understand others? These are questions that are ongoing, not easily answered. Giving careful consideration to who you are communicating with, paying attention and listening are a great beginning.

Tender circumstances dictate that we tread carefully as you’ll see evidenced by the story in this video.

There are those times when it’s helpful or even necessary to approach from the side rather than heavy-handedly coming straight on. And there are times when we may even be perplexed and surprised at what works, what brings about the hoped for results (or even mildly saddened). Oftentimes, it is entirely unexpected yet if we’re observing and listening carefully we may become privy to the right entrance, the right message, the right gesture.

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