Seeking Your Wily Idea For Writing Content

Make The Time, Write With Your Intuition, Use Your Imagination And Read Slowly When You’re Done

seeking your wiley idea for content writing

This has happened before. I’m plagued with an unrequited hankering to write in a way that would be somehow intimate and personally nutritious. It sends me on a search for an exhilarating concept; one that will stimulate my imagination and hopefully yours. My wily idea.

But at the moment I’m describing, it’s narrowly escaping my grasp. All of that is accompanied by a desire and a need to find the perfect route to that special, uncanny place where I am delighted by writing content. One that will also transport me to something that will serve our business blog [and you].

My mind was busily scanning options that I continued to reject, on a walk through stunning landscape with views of the hills, mountains and a good long look down the coast watching the dogs gallop through very tall grasses and yellow mustard flowers. I was listening to pretty music and feeling wide-open. Saturday morning; every possibility still thriving, the day ahead, some enticing meanders to explore.

Curiosity alive. Energy alert. A day dedicated to writing this post, reading and researching (for some other things) and able to roam and float through the time with nothing binding me to a schedule. Luxurious creative freedom. My mind; invited to go wherever it pleases. And go slowly.

However, although the subject scan was producing a flurry of snippets there was nothing I felt like sinking my attention into, nothing quite compelling enough. In fact, my mind was feeling a bit like an over-active kaleidoscope. I would have liked to tell a story but not one was coming to mind.

Creativity and writing, collaboration and shared goals. Why we do what we do in our businesses and slowing down for the Slow Web are the topics of my latest blog posts. On my walk, I was asking myself, “Where is today’s perfect path?”. As it turned out, it was in a place informed by all of that and also where I least expected it to be.

Here’s What Happened

Picture me out there. Blue sky. Not one cloud. Warm temperature. Slight breeze. My mind is still busy skipping to an uneven rhythm towards this and that idea and then I suddenly realize it’s simple.

There is one true place that I occupy today.

The idea was here all along. Where I already am. The place I already know. Home.

When we peek inside our internal landscape and actually give respectful Destination-Rights to what we assume is merely the bumpy traverse to some other place, we can find the thing we’re looking for more readily than we think.

For me, today, it’s located inside the urge to cavort with words, to go down pathways that cause me to linger slowly and deliciously to wake up napping instincts…

To have fun working.

What I needed was to relax the scan, open my mind to the space that holds easy answers, that elusive compartment. It’s like the thing you think you see in your peripheral vision. It’s there and then it’s not. Then it is again. When we don’t try so hard, it comes freely. Drifts right on in.

That one true place is where I already am: Wondering about what I should write today and the process that very thing leads me to experience.

I Made A Stupid Rule. And Then I Threw It Out.

Because there are no hard, fast rules.

Coming from where we are in the moment, asking, “What is most important to us?” Right now.

And then equally important [or more so]…

“What is it about that thing that may be important [or helpful] to someone else”

Why is it that we assume that we need to struggle, to make things hard and complicated?

I distinctly remember this from art school. I would attempt to do the thing least likely, most out of character, the hardest approach and one of my instructors pointed me in another direction. She said “Do the things that come naturally to you. Go that way.” I had assumed that what I already knew was without value or importance. So I skipped over it. I figured it was a waste of time. Because it was too easy.

I’m going to say that one more time: Because it was too easy, too obvious to me, it didn’t seem to count.

Here’s The Thing

Simplifying; coming from where we already are, accepting what’s compelling right now, what we already know, even if it might not seem right, is often right. That place is precisely where we’re going to mine some of the best golden material we’ve got.

The reason we often we miss the bulls eye is that we’re focusing on a spot too far away. Turn the dial and bring it closer. Look right here. Relax into that spot, that thought, or idea that was here all along and is yours alone.

What’s the thing you know? What is most compelling right now? What are you overlooking because you assume it doesn’t count as something?

I am not saying we shouldn’t raise our bar, challenge ourselves to do the hard things that worry or frighten us. That’s not what I’m after. We want to raise our bar, challenge ourselves and we ought to.

What I’m hoping to impart is that en route to doing those harder, more challenging, less familiar things are the others close to home, the gold mine we are standing in, the places we forget to look, that we take for granted because we think it’s too easy.

Don’t miss out by overstepping those gems.

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