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Being Human In Business

little girl surprised about being human in businessIt may be code and technology we’re shaping in web development and design but its place in the world is with people. It’s people that will drive its success or its failure if you don’t reach your visitors and customers on a human level.

Principle of Common Sense Law In Web Design & Web Content Creation

Just the right amount common sense law In web design & web content creationHow can you tell when you have just the right amount of something? The Scandinavians have a name for it: Lagom (pronounced: law-gum). The etymology of the word, lagom, points to an old form of the word lag, a common sense type of “law”.

Why Your Website Can Be Functional, Effective And Beautiful

functional beauty web design street handstandForm follows function and having that awareness can free you up and create more possibilities for your website and online presence. The freedom and power of that knowledge will encourage you to have all the things you want: a functional, effective and beautiful website all at once.

Amplify Your Message But Not In The Way That You Think

Amplify who you are with fox on roadWhat would happen if it were turned around so the amplification had an internal focus first? Imagine how introspection, discovery and exploration, communication within your company might amplify your message. Amplify it to your company on the inside. To you, to your team.

Creative Listening In Your Business Will Help You Hear Something New And Unexpected

Good relationships require an open exchange of communication. Listening creatively and without bias improves relationships with customers, clients, friends, partners, family and strangers. It helps us work together better.

Trust The Humanity In Your Business

trust humanity in your businessInvestigate. Be on the lookout. You may have lost touch but it’s there. Dig into the heart and soul in your business. Look for it, humanity will be there and it just may be the gem that tells the best story. The story your customers will be inspired by.

A Team That Is Committed To The Fluidity of Collaboration Is Our Goal

colorful paint on brushes collaborating teams for smart web designThe best teams are committed to the fluidity of collaboration. Teamwork is not a cliché and excellent communication is everything. Different styles of intelligence and perspectives will elevate the project at hand.

If There’s No Listening There’s No Learning

Getting to know you and your business or organization well enough to represent it for you through the medium of the web and your website will depend on our ability to listen to you.

Let Your Business And Your Business Website Talk To Each Other

You can think of your website as a living, breathing entity. You affect it and it affects you. The relationship is organic, goes both ways and anything but static. This is the case in terms of identity, culture, plans, goals, activities, tasks.

How Will Your Business Make Its Place Online?

Create a thoughtful, well planned, and thoroughly authentic, anchoring presence on the web. Make it the place where your ideas and communication can be pollinated and cultivated, and your marketing efforts will point back to.