You & Your Customers Make Sense Together

cactus flowers & web design marketing textYour narrative and your customers’ narrative grows into a shared purpose.

For myself, I stop and marvel at the amazing clients we’ve collaborated with over the years. Over time, they have become as much a part of our narrative as we are. There simply isn’t a way to separate them out. Why would we even want to?

We’re in this together.

This is how I think – In the spirit of collaboration, your narrative joins with ours the moment our work together begins. As the narrative continues to unfold and invites us to participate in it, we notice it has infinite possibility and it gets really exciting.

Who we are, what we do and why fits into a context of the community. That highlights the relationships we develop. Then, it’s who we are in relation to our customers, to our clients. Who they are in relation to us.


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    By: Gina Fiedel

    Gina Fiedel is the co-founder/owner of Fat Eyes Web Development. After a successful career as an artist and transitioning into electronic media in the early 90’s, she then founded Fat Eyes in 1998 to bring those skills to the web with her husband, Doug Anderson. Being engaged in business has created gratifying opportunities for communication and new inroads towards making a contribution that counts. You can learn more about Gina on the Fat Eyes Who Are We? page and Gina Fiedel Story.

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