What Is Your Website Saying To The People Who Read It?

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What you say and how you say it matters.

Ideas enter the world through our words.

When we speak it’s important to be aware of what we’re saying, the words we’re choosing to use and to speak with clear intention. That can take some pause, some thought and planning to get it right, to make it make sense.

Do you really mean what you’re saying?

Take the time to think carefully about your choices and how you build your story, your narrative. Each word counts.

This is relevant when creating the concepts and content for your website. Organize and structure your text so it can be understand and comfortably absorbed. Just because it’s not explicitly personal doesn’t mean it’s not personal. It’s human to human and that makes it personal.

And ask yourself, what are you really saying? Is it helpful? Does it have purpose?



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    By: Gina Fiedel

    Gina Fiedel is the co-founder/owner of Fat Eyes Web Development. After a successful career as an artist and transitioning into electronic media in the early 90’s, she then founded Fat Eyes in 1998 to bring those skills to the web with her husband, Doug Anderson. Being engaged in business has created gratifying opportunities for communication and new inroads towards making a contribution that counts. You can learn more about Gina on the Fat Eyes Who Are We? page and Gina Fiedel Story.

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