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Business Identity: Reveal Your Personal Relationship To The Work Your Business Does

Don’t hold yourself in reserve. Establish the fullness of your business identity within the environment of your website by presenting a clear sense of how you and your team, as living, breathing individuals with real commitment and purpose are an integral part of that identity. Allow how you feel about the work you do to show. Emphasizing it in public, online will have benefits. Because how you interact and operate within your business matters to your customers in the same way that it matters to you.


The Secrets of Process & Creativity In Work & Content Writing

Binding Threads That Run Through Simple Work, Process, Creativity and Writing

Creativity and the creative process are recognized as sterling motivators and known to be critical factors in much if not all of the work we do. Yet even though there are theories of how they are understood to function, they’re still rendered somewhat invisible and undefined in many cases.

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Fire Up Your Collaborative Spirit In All The Work You Do

What Do We Mean To Each Other?

The art of collaboration has its origins built in to being human. Vitalize your ability to join forces, team up, listen and act upon the ideas of others. Share effort. Step back and let someone else lead and then trade places. True collaboration benefits all involved and ripples outward. Identity. Collaboration.


Serendipity: Optimize Your Odds For It

Plan For Randomness.

Have we forgotten to really pay attention to this mind-bending, life and work-changing thing that’s one of the ten most difficult English words to translate? Is it loitering on the sidelines taken for granted, surreptitiously nudging us to put our attention elsewhere? To other phenomenon, strategies? How do we safeguard our odds for serendipity?


Strike Balance With Your Website Objectives

Through Clear Purpose And Consideration

For a website that’s been thoughtfully planned, there will be meshed and interdependent objectives woven to create a well-purposed, well-functioning whole. It can seem that some website objectives are at odds and small business owners or those charged with overseeing the development and design of a website often grapple with this.